Every year, dozens of our students try what it’s like to study at a high school abroad. In this case, the law on compulsory education (especially § 23 a § 25 of the law no. 245/2008 ) sets out specific requirements for the school and the student’s legal guardian, which we are happy to help you meet.

If you are considering studying abroad during your high school studies, please read the following basic information very carefully:

  • Should you be interested in studying abroad, your legal guardian/adult student must submit an application form, which is available at the school administration office or our school website (section Forms)
  • When abroad, the student may choose only such subjects that comply with our school curriculum. The principal may allow the student study a part of their high school program abroad after the principal approves the curriculum, and discusses it with the pedagogical board.
  • After comparing the respective school’s curriculum with ours, the principal may require the student to be held back in case there are significant differences in the curriculum. Therefore the student is obliged to send a list of chosen subjects to the school principal before or within one month of the start of his studies abroad.
  • Students may study abroad for a maximum period of 1 school year.
  • At the end of the period, the student must take commissional exams from the Slovak Language and Literature, and two other subjects given by the principal, in order to officially finish the school year at their home school.
  • The student must take the commissional exams the last week of August after returning from their study abroad. The exact date will be set by the principal, who will inform the student’s legal guardian, or in case the student is of age, the student themselves, at least 30 working days in advance.
  • Commissional exams must be taken even if the student spends only half of the school year abroad.
  • Students are allowed to study abroad repeatedly, but only after successful completion of the school year.
  • If a student of the Senior Year leaves to study abroad and still wants to take the Maturita exams in the same school year, before their departure they must submit an application for the Maturita exams with the school coordinator of the exams.

Tuition fees:

  • if a student leaves for half a school year, they are liable to pay the tuition fees for the whole school year
  • If a student leaves for the whole school year, they are liable to pay half of the tuition fees for the respective school year
  • After returning from their studies abroad, the student is required to submit a report to the school principal by 15th February / 30th August. This must be provided by the school which the student attended, and must include dates of attendance, subjects studied, content of the subjects, and also the student’s grades.
  • When students spend the first semester abroad, we recommend that they return back to school after the end of the winter holidays in January. Participating in school will help the student to better adapt to the Slovak school system again, in order to be better prepared for the second semester. The student is required to start on 1st February.