What do I need to do to study abroad

  • Fill in the application form
  • When you are accepted to the school, you will choose the subjects that match the curriculum of our school
  • You should choose 1 science subject, 1 humanities subject and a foreign language (if you are studying in the US or UK, for example, you should also choose German or Spanish)

Note: A foreign language is not compulsory for students who are studying abroad in their 4th year

When you start school abroad

  • Within 30 days of starting school, send a confirmation of attendance with a list of courses and the name and email of a contact person

When you return home

  • Bring your report card/graduation certificate with results (by 15 February or 30 August)
  • During the last weeks of August (or during February if you are going for the first semester) you will have comissional exams in Slovak language and literature and usually two other subjects, which will be determined by the headmaster, and you will finish the year at your home school.
  • After completing your first semester abroad, we recommend that you start school after the winter holidays (this will help you to adapt to the Slovak school system more quickly). Entry to the 2nd semester is compulsory from 1. 2.

Tuition fees

  • If you go for 1 semester – the full tuition fee is paid
  • If you go for the whole school year – half tuition fee is paid
  • Study abroad is always allowed for one school year. You can also be allowed to study again, but only after successful completion of the year. You must declare by 15 May of the year whether you wish to return or continue your studies abroad.

Contact person

Blanka Štefan Antalová

Please send your application, confirmation and any questions to the email or stop by the school secretariat.

Podcast on Study Abroad

Listen to a podcast by Marian Czére, former Deputy Director for Academic Processes, on the topic of studying abroad