How long does the study program last?
The study program lasts for 5 years.

Are there different admission exams for 8th  graders and 9th graders?
No, all candidates are considered under the same conditions. Admission exams consist of an English Language test, a test of scholastic aptitude, and an interview. The test of scholastic aptitude examines language, mathematical and scholastic aptitude skills, based on subjects covered in the 1st-8th (only the first half year) grade of elementary school.

What is the number and code of your school?
The Educational Computer Center Bratislava allocated the number 611047. The school code according to the study field – bilingual study program – 7902J47.

What does the subject Religion and Ethics look like?
The educational process takes place in an ecumenical atmosphere. Discussions about relationships, questions on adolescence and ethics, getting to know the Bible, etc. are part of the subject of Religion and Ethics. We respect the right of every student to have their own opinion on questions regarding religion. However, we also require students to respect the Christian character of our school. A more detailed description of this subject can be found here.

Is membership in a Christian church an admission criterion?
No, membership in a Christian church is not an admission criterion.  Our students come from many different Christian backgrounds, but there are also students who are not members of any church.

Where can I get the application form for C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School?
It is possible to download it from our website and submit the necessary documents (copies of certificates, diplomas, other documents about academic or personal achievements, the state of health document, any documents indicating learning disorders and other documents you might consider important). You can also send an official application to the high school, which is available at your elementary school or in the ŠEVT store.

What other foreign languages are taught at your school?
Starting in the first grade (Freshman year), students have the possibility to choose either German or Spanish.