We believe that to be a human being means to live in relationships, and that building bridges helps communication more than putting up walls. Our school strives to be an inclusive space without physical barriers (we have built a ramp, elevator, toilet for the disabled…), and also without mental barriers, where diversity is welcome.

In order to help talented students who are unable to afford to study at our school, we have managed to raise funds that will let them study at our school for the next few years. We expect that every year we will be able to award ten scholarships from the “ZUZANA HARDOS KURNASOVA SCHOLARSHIP” fund and our students’ Bilgym Scholarship Fund.

Applicants do not have legal entitlement to a need-based scholarship. When considering applications, we will look at both the overall score reached at the admission exams, as well as the family’s social situation. A short description of the family’s situation and verified proof of income both need to be submitted with the application.


Need-based scholarship application

-Parents’ or legal guardians’ proof of income:

  • Tax office document: „Výpis na účely priznania sociálneho štipendia pre žiakov stredných škôl“ (Income statement for the purposes of social need-based scholarship for high school students)
  • “Potvrdenie o príjme od zamestnávateľa za posledný kalendárny rok” (Proof of income from the employer for the last calendar year)
  • Confirmation of claiming/not claiming of any social benefits (such as child benefit, family benefit, pension, unemployment benefit, maternity grant, etc.) from the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family or the Slovak Social Insurance Agency
  • Alimony payment legal verdict, if relevant

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