What is this about?
Bilgym’s work ends when we send our students off into the world of further education, work, families, and/or anything else their lives will bring. We believe, however, that our relationships and mutual inspiration can continue, and so we do our best to keep in touch with our alumni, and encourage them to stay active in school life.

What events does the school organize?
Every year we organize two types of meetings for our alumni. The “Alumni Day Christmas Punch” is held just before Christmas and is a part of a program with other events taking place at school (e.g. traditional Christmas Volleyball Tournament, Christmas WICK for current and past students). This get-together takes place on the last day of school (this year it will be 21.12.2018). The other alumni event of the year, the “Alumni Day Barbecue,” takes place in the Summer, and happens on the last day of the school year (this year it is going to be 28.6.2019). Our communication with alumni, including sending invitations, happens via email or in a Facebook group exclusive to our school’s graduates – C.S.Lewis Bilgym Alumni.

What other ways are there for the alumni to become involved?
We work on connecting our current students with our alumni through “Alumni College Mentoring”. Some of our alumni also helped us in the past in various ways – establishing and participating in our scholarship fund program, helping organize and participating at the Alumni College Fair, or even returning to our school as teachers. We are very grateful for all these forms of their involvement, and we are looking forward to their future visits and cooperation.

Would you like to get in touch with us?
We will be more than happy if you do! The alumni program is currently run by Peter Hadváb (peter.hadvab(at)bilgym.sk). Please let us know if you have any questions, remarks, or ideas on how to join our team or support our work.

We are looking forward to our next meeting!