In the 2012-2013 school year, we introduced a project of mentoring that comes in different forms in different grade:

  • Freshmen meet with their homeroom mentor every week in a group, and at least twice a year on an individual basis.

  • In Sophomore year, mentoring is a compulsary part of the curriculum, and the students choose their mentor at the beginning of the school year, and meet with him/her two times a month.

  • Participation in the mentoring program is optional in higher grades, and the students may choose their mentor from amongst the teachers and external tutors.

The mentor’s role is to help with their student’s comprehensive development. The mentor guides their mentee to discover his/her own potential and find ways to fulfill it. Problematic situations that the student faces are viewed as opportunities for the student’s personal growth and development. The mentor helps them understand various behavioral alternatives, as well as their consequences.

The mentor does not provide his/her students with advice; he/she leaves all decisions up to the student. Teachers that are participating in the program attended several trainings last year and will continue to develop their mentoring skills as well.