Church Elementary School Narnia and its branch CES Pezinok

The Brethren Church is a protestant church that  is committed to the spiritual legacy of Jan Amos Comenius’ Unity of the Brethren and is open to ecumenical cooperation with other Christian churches and communities. The Bratislava branch (Cukrova 4) in cooperation with CB Kaplnka (YMCA, Karpatska 2) established the C. S. Lewis Schools Association, which is the founding organization of the C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School and CES Narnia.

D3: an environment that helps students, families and professionals discover their personal  and individual identities and fill their mission in accordance with the values D3 stands for. The organization focuses on education, organizing conferences, seminars and retreats, and providing counselling and mentoring.

Catalyst foundation is an organization that among many activities supports community programs and education as tools to eliminate poverty.

Minnehaha Academy:  a Christian school in Minnesota that our school shares very similar values with.

Montana State University Billings:  this university offers our students the opportunity to study one semester at a university in the USA while still in high school.