We educate and lead every student

to be able to think creatively and critically,

to take responsibility for themselves, others, and the world,

and to have the ability to create communities

in the spirit of Christian biblical values.


In order to fulfill our mission in the world that has been entrusted to us,

we intentionally and systematically create an environment

where together we learn to unveil the truth

through experience and reflection, we inspire each other,

and we support each other in our holistic personal development.

Quite a significant number of people divide education into “hard” facts and “soft” values. It is said that we need to learn how to count, speak English and decipher magical chemical formulas. They say values are fine, but only as an accessory or a dessert for our Sunday lunch…

We think, however, that values must have the same weight as knowledge or skills, because we also need to learn how to live. In our everyday lives we can observe how knowledge can be fatal without values.

In the spirit of our school mission we believe that “no man is an island” (Thomas Merton), and that to be human means to live in relationships. It is better to build bridges than walls. Our school aims to be a safe space in which diversity is welcome.

Together with the American writer Scott Peck (the author of a very important book on community called Different Drum) we understand community to be a group of people that are, regardless of their different world views or social backgrounds, able to accept and overcome their differences. They are capable of meaningful communication and cooperation on their way towards achieving a common goal, in the knowledge that they are doing so in a safe space.