Through community service or volunteering we aim to focus on people and the world around us that need our help and attention. We want to break out of our enclosed bubbles. It happens ever so often that we close our eyes where our help is needed. That is why we would like to learn how to direct our attention at ourselves, but also at people and things that are happening around us. We are fully aware of the fact that this life path does not necessarily suits everyone, however, we would like every student to try it in a symbolic (10 hours per year) way.

The service provided by our students may be focused on people, the nature, or community we live in.

We believe that the kind of community service that can help the student grow the most is the one he/she believes is the right thing to do, they do it on a long-term and regular basis, reflect on it, and it is a kind of help someone or something really need. Community service can represent “a place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet” (Frederick Buechner), and at the same time you will  be doing something you enjoy doing, and also helps others. As a school we would like to support the quality of the community service provided by both providing space for reflection on the experience, and facilitate contacts with organizations that focus on community service and volunteering. In case you work as a long-term volunteer, we offer you our support in the form of guidance and reflection on your activity, so you can better grow through this experience.