Dear maturita exam takers,

you can find more detailed information on this year’s maturita exam in the following documents. Should you have any questions regarding the exams, please contact zuzana.anettova(at)

Written maturita examinations:

12. 3. 2024 – SJL (4th year)
13. 13 March 2024 – ANJ (5th year)
14. 3. 2024 – MAT (5th year)

Oral maturita exams:

4th year: ca. 17-19 June 2024
5th year: 27-31 May 2024 (assumption)
(the relevant year must be completed by the date of the oral examinations)

Graduation ceremony

The graduation exams are also connected with our graduation ceremony at Bilgym. This usually takes place the weekend immediately after graduation or a week later.