Extracurricular clubs in the 2017/2018 school year

1. Heyou (K. Barteková, M. Weberová)

2. Debate Club (A. Hano)

3. Running (O. Székely) –Thursdays at 3pm for all those who enjoy running at different speed

4. Chemistry Club (L. Máhriková) – Do you like conducting experiments during Chemistry lessons? Do you enjoy mixing liquids, and wait for the results? You don’t mind the smell, and possible explosions of what reactions that would normally react mildly? If you found yourself in these questions, our Chemistry club is the right place for you! When does it take place? On Thursday at 3pm in the Chem Lab.

5. Cooking Club (M. Velanová) – during our session we always prepare a whole menu, that is appetizer/soup, main meal, and dessert, we enjoy the food together, and the clean up the work space. We usually make two desserts, so we can donate one to the cafe, which again donates the proceeds to the school scholarship fund. Our club takes place on Thursday in the room behind the cafe.

6. Volleyball (K. Skyvová)

7. Superar (L. Bradnanska)

8. Cafe (M. Tvrdoňová, S. Stopková)

9. Theater (K. Kotianová)

10. Art Club (D. Dobrík)

11. Creative writing club (P. Sibyla)

12. Informal creative writing club (L. Sabová)

13. kurz taliančiny  (J. Krajčí)

14. The CS Lewis Hiking club (S. Markowitz) would like to welcome all students and staff who are interested in exploring the great outdoors of Slovakia. You don’t have to be an expert hiker, as our hikes are designed to be enjoyable for everyone. This year we would like to enhance our adventures by not only organizing day treks, but also night hikes and several-day adventures

15. Entrepreneurship Learning Community (M. Markuš)

16. EduBox (L. Tvrdoň)

17. Listening Sessions – we meet every Friday at 4pm, and listen to new and old music, and then talk about it.