Our school in the news

www.dennikN.sk – 2.7.2018 – Hľadali sme školy, odkiaľ sa najčastejšie odchádza do zahraničia

www.dennikN.sk – 10.3.2018 – Zuzana Hlávková vystúpila na proteste v Žiline

tvnoviny.sk – 4.9.2017 – Bilgym on Markiza TV – interview with Róbert Bezák

hnonline.sk – 30.8.2017 – An interview with our principal on the state of the Slovak education system after Minister Plavčan’s abdication

DennikN.sk – 8.8.2017 – Young teacher: Our teachers need feedback from teachers and their senior colleagues

Rádio Expres – 9.3.2017 – The majority of schools, offices, police stations, or hospitals have no barrier-free access!

DenníkN.sk – 1.2.2017 – A private bilingual high school wants to open its doors to Roma students, children in wheelchairs, and those from financially disadvantaged families

www.aktuality.sk  – 26.12.2016 – They work to pay for their peers’ tuition fees – our students collect money for need-based scholarships

DenníkN.sk – 6.11.2016 – We know very little about the most talented Slovaks abroad – our alumnus Dano Brossmann writes for DennikN

HN televízia – 12.4.2016 – How is it possible that trains, which cost our high school students nothing, take them to schools that are worthless? – interview with our principal Dušan Jaura

DenníkN.sk – 4.2.2016 – Former New York University president visited Bilgym

RTVS – 19.1.2016 – Dinner with Havran (The future of the Slovak school) – discussion program with Dušan Jaura (our principal), Vlado Crmoman, and Peter Dráľ on the future of Slovak schools