ISIC is a multifunctional card available for elementary / high school attendees from age of six. New cards can be ordered by school or by individuals, even in case of theft or loss. The card is valid for one school year.

ISIC can be used as an electronic purse and used in public transport, trains and busses, but also for ordering school lunches and for clocking in and out of school.

ISIC – discounts

Thanks to ISIC you are entitled to various discounts. The list of places that offer them can be found here:

ISIC – prolonging the validity – for discounts

ISIC licence for claiming the offered discounts needs to be prolonged by purchasing the ISIC sticker for each school year, which costs 10€. Freshmen get the validation sticker when purchasing their ISIC card (the fee is paid at registration). In all consecutive years, students purchase their validity prolongation sticker themselves via the web page:

ISIC – prolonging the validity – for transportation

It is up to you whether you decide to prolong the ISIC transportation chip. It can be done in two ways:

1. Via SMS

If you are still a student and want to use ISIC/EURO<26 for transportation in June via SMS.

Step 1 :  Send an SMS to 8844

              SMS format: TC space SURNAME space CHIP NUMBER (do not use diacritic  in your surname)

Step 2:   wait for the confirmation SMS

Step 3:    activate the discount

               You will activate the discount by tapping the terminal at school or in transportation.

Send an SMS to 8844 in the following format: TC space SURNAME space CHIP NUMBER (do not use diacritic in your surname). After receiving the confirmation SMS ask one of our nice reception ladies to tap your ISIC (tapping in where you clock in and out of school will not do the trick)

2. Prolongation via UBIAN app

Another way of prolong your ISIC is via UBIAN app. Instructions can be found here:


If you need a brand new ISIC, you can order one by yourself at or the school can do it for you. You only need to ask at


I have ISIC from my previous school. Can I still use it?

No. ISIC is issued for particular school, the name of which is printed on the card. Therefore, it is not possible to prolong the validity of ISIC at a different school.

Do I need to prolong the validity of ISIC if I am to go to study abroad?

Prolonging ISIC validity is not mandatory. You can, however, use the card abroad to get different discounts (e.g. museum admissions, etc), so prolonging it may be a good idea.