The C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School will be opening 6 Freshmen classes with 17 students in the 2023/2024 school year. If a successful applicant does not come to enrolment day, their place will be offered to other candidates.


Primary school students

  • till 20. 3. – submit application electronically (in aSc agenda system – edupage) or in paper form using MŠVVaŠ SR form 056 with signatures from both legal guardians

8 year grammar school students

*If the student only has one legal guardian or from objective reasons is unable to acquire signature of both of them, add only one signature and cross out the other one. In this case you are required to add the document Declaration on honor or court decision to limit or suspend rights.


  • May 2 (Tuesday) – First date of the admission process for our 5 year bilingual study programme
  • May 11 (Thursday) – Second date of the admission for those who are not able to attend during the first date

The admission exams consist of (a)n:

  • Test of English aptitude
  • Test of Mathematics aptitude Mathematics
  • Test of Slovak aptitute
  • Test of general scholastic aptitude
  • written personality
  • individualized piece (essay, questionnaire..) – for the purpose of getting to know the applicant better

Assessment of the applicant and determination of the final results from admissions consist of:

  • 90 % – results of written part of the admissions
  • 10 % – study results from elementary school 
  • Extra points – placement in academic, sports, or artistic competitions

Specific educational needs of the applicants, who ask for modification of the admissions, will be taken into consideration (dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia etc.)


First 90 applicants with the highest score will get an invitation for enrollment. Other 12 places are are filled at the discretion of the School Board. Instructions for enrollment will be sent along with the invitation for the enrollment. Enrollment to fresmen year will take place May 25 in our school. 

If a successful applicant does not come to enrolment day, their place will be offered to other candidates.



Our school offers scholarships. Information on need-based scholarships

Bilgym student and alumni profile

For more information on what we are looking for in a student and what is the profile of Bilgym alumni read – Bilgym’s prospective student and alumni profile

Test samples:

Sample Slovak language test 
Sample Mathematics test 
Sample English language test 
Sample General language skills test 
Sample test 2020 – Mathematics and general language test

Sample essay assignement
Sample test in ENG (version for foreigners)