Last Friday we welcomed a very interesting gentleman at our school- a former bodybuilder and athlete Jerry Root from the USA. I had mixed feelings about what to expect from someone with such a background, but the WICK with Mr Root turned out to be the most inspirational and interesting one so far. Mr. Root changed the WICK into a beautiful motivational speech based on C. S. Lewis’s principles that he had decided to live by. He told us at the very beginning that every person should follow some principles in their life. It doesn’t matter where you find these principles- you can discover them in a composer, a painter, or a writer- just like Jerry Root did. He thinks (sharing his opinion with C. S. Lewis) that to be happy and content a person needs three things: moderation, courage, and wisdom. He added some key events from his life and cute stories about his children to each of the characteristics. This WICK was so interesting and unforgettable that it reached all of us in the room. It was a great pleasure to listen to Jerry Root ūüôā

Nela Kleinert, 2. rońćn√≠k