What had started as an ambitious idea turned into reality. At the beginning of May, twenty Sophomores travelled to Geneva to see the beauties of the city, and to gain some new knowledge in Physics and Chemistry. The main attraction was an interactive visit to CERN, where we saw how thousands of scientists from all over the world work together on understanding the subatomic particles and their role in space. Thanks to a perfectly planned and structured tour in Slovak, we were able to understand, or at least did our very best to understand what the Higgs boson is, why its discovery is so important, why CERN needs a supercomputer, how they make and test new parts for the accelerator, and many other things. Apart from walking through the botanical gardens we also toured many parts of the city, museums, planetarium, and the UN premises. We hope that our younger classmates will be able to have this experience as well, as it was a truly unforgettable trip.