One of many important roles of school is to educate its students to be honourable, responsible and active citizens of a country. Therefore, we as students of Civics are led to understand the importance of this aspect of life through different projects engaging citizens in public life, creating essays discussing current social affairs, engage in debates on pressing issues, and finally, meeting unique people.

One of the most important parts of public life is the judicial system, because it affects our lives on a great scale. We, the Juniors, had a chance to spend two hours in a very lively debate with Mr. Serin, a practising lawyer, regarding the judicial system in the Slovak Republic. We played a quiz game (Who wants to be a Millionaire?) which gave us a chance to show our knowledge of the system, and provided space for us to ask questions about anything we were interested in. The most active students were rewarded with books on law.

We would like to thank Mr. Serin for the unique opportunity to spend time with him. We appreciate that there are experts out there who educate our society actively on this topic. Hopefully, their effort helps teach as many people as possible about the judicial system.

Emil Hodál, 3Y