Before students arrive to school, teachers prepared themselves for the new school year. Our teachers are as important to us as our students, which is why one of the traditional activities held for them during August is a teambuilding. It gives them a chance to strenghten their relationships, gain energy in the beatiful scenery of Smolenice castle, broaden their horizons, consult and have discussions about challenges of the upcoming school year.

Our arrival to Smolenice was followed by getting-to-know-each-other activities and welcoming of new colleagues.

The topic resonating throughout the event was inclusion. Teachers had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a wheelchair for a few hours. They then shared their feelings and experiences with others during reflection.

What kind of a teambuilding for teachers would it be, if it didn’t have something that would challenge the brain. The first day, teachers participated in several activities focused on particular skills needed to learn something, so they could see learning through student’s eyes and reflect on the way they teach.

The second day, there were blocks prepared to get more information about learning disabilities, life on a wheelchair and specifics of Asperger syndrome. This was supposed to help teachers respond better to the needs of some students at our school.

Informal parts of the programme, during which teachers had the chance to chat over coffee, weren’t excluded from the event. During one of the afternoons, those interested could go on a short trip to explore the surroundings of Smolenice castle. In addition, there was a campfire prepared for the last evening.

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