BratMUN (short for Bratislava Model United Nations) is an event in which 10 of our students participated this November. Model United Nations (or MUNs) are events where students roleplay as a delegate from a specific country in a committee to create a policy that gets accepted by the majority of states represented. Students research their countries and the committee topic assigned beforehand and then come to the event as that delegate to negotiate. For students interested in politics and debate, these are excellent opportunities to sharpen their critical thinking skills as well as test the waters of a career in politics.


Two Bilgym students, Simon Babjak and Jakub Blaho, won awards for their critical roles in the debates, not to mention Samuel Rompf received an honorable mention. Many of our students were first-timers, and they did a brilliant job in their committees. And the passion has not died out; the Bilgym MUN Club is now planning to host its very own Model UN on January 24th-25th! This event is open to Bilgym students as well as interested individuals from other high schools. Students are organizing the entire event with minor logistical help from 2 teachers. They are aptly calling it BilMUN. Our students also intend to participate in several other MUN events across Central Europe, so fingers crossed as they work hard to prepare for the next events!