Scholarship at Minnehaha Academy 2016/2016


This school year we offer again to our sophomores and juniors the opportunity to apply for a scholarship at our partner school Minnehaha Academy.


Minnehaha Academy is a school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, which is divided into a Lower (Pre-K- 5), Middle (6-8) and Upper School (9-12). Our first contact with the school was established through Tom Johnson from Open Door in 2004. Since then, several visits by both schools’ representatives or the school founders in Minnehaha, and also our American friends at our school have taken place.

Our cooperation with this American school still continues and we are happy that we can offer a one-semester scholarship for the 2019/2020 school year to 2 of our students, who are Sophomores or Juniors in this (2018/2019) school year.

This year’s Sophomores or Juniors can study at MA as a Junior or Senior during the first semester (end of August 2019 – December 2019). Upon their arrival, in February and March 2020, they will take commissional exams from the Slovak Language and Literature and one or two subjects chosen by the school based on the study plan the students chose at MA.

Approximate tuition cost which is paid by MA and the approximate expenses of a Bilgym student:

Costs of stay in the USA


One semester in $

(4.5 months)

Who pays?


Tuition at MA 10.000 MA
accommodation*/food 1,000 student
A return airplane ticket 1,100 student
allowance** 1,200 student
Visa fee ($100) 160 student
Insurance cover 200                      student

*   must be found

** the cost of allowance depends on the student’s individual needs


Applicants for the scholarship will be considered based on the following criteria:

  1.      a typed cover letter written in English (400-600 words) in which he/she introduces him-/herself and his/her interests, and also includes answers to the following questions:

– why do I want to study at Minnehaha Academy in the USA?

– how will I be able to use my experience of studying and living in the USA in my life at BilGym after I come back?

The deadline for submitting the cover letter and the application is January 31, 2019.


  1.  academic results and participation in school activities will be looked at on individual basis of those students whose cover letters have passed the first round.


We believe that the experience of living and studying abroad will be enriching and it will contribute to the student’s development.

In case you have any questions, please contact Alica Zuravova (alica.zuravova(at) or Zuzana Misinova (


Please send the application and the cover letter via email to Zuzana Misinova- zuzana.misinova(at)

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