Guidelines for natural citizens who submit the Tax Declaration individually.

  1. Count the 2% from the tax of natural citizen income – this is the highest sum you can donate to our organization. You can also donate less than 2% of the tax, however, the total sum must not be lower than € 3.
  2. Fill out the Tax Declaration according to the type of your income- either income from wage-earning revenues (Daňové priznanie fyzických osôb TYPE A, Potvrdenie o podaní daňového priznania) or § 5 až 8 zákona č. 595/2003 Z. z.
  3. You can opt in to send our organization your personal data (your name and add ress, not the sum you have donated) – this option is new since 2016. If you decide to let us know you have donated money to us, we will be able to say thank you. However, the tax bureau will provide us with this information next year.
  4. Both documents – the declaration and the confirmation- must be submitted at the tax bureau according to your permanent residency by April 30.
  5. If you want to donate 3% of your tax, apart from the Confirmation of Tax Payment and the Declaration, you must also submit a confirmation that you worked at least 40 hours as a volunteer.

Thank you.