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January in BARAKA

Coming back from Christmas break, life in the BARAKA community is back in full swing- everyday chores, school/work, and… read more

College/future counselling workshops for Juniors and Seniors

Towards the end of January, our seniors had the opportunity to participate in a day-long series of seminars modelled… read more

50 years without Jan

On January 16th 1969, Jan Palach set himself on fire. We decided to honor this significant event with a… read more

Jakub Čevajka: People told me I must have gone mad if I wanted to be a teacher

Jakub je učiteľom fyziky na Bilingválnom gymnáziu C. S. Lewisa v Bratislave. Pri vyučovaní používa zážitkové metódy, pomocou ktorých žiakom… read more

Minnehaha Academy Scholarship 2020/2021

Scholarship at Minnehaha Academy 2020/2021 This school year again, we offer our sophomores and juniors the opportunity to apply… read more

Junior Civics – a lawyer’s visit through the eyes of a student

One of many important roles of school is to educate its students to be honourable, responsible and active citizens… read more

january, 2021

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