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We support Nota-bene salesmen

Members of Baraka members and several other students and teachers are helping with providing food for  Nota Bene (local… read more

Rotary student experience

Hi everyone! I just want to start out saying how crazy this whole experience has been for me. Nine… read more

We are looking for new colleagues

Another school year is approach and with that comes the search for new colleagues and quality teachers for our… read more

How to boost student resilience during COVID-19 by Shane Markowitz

Integrating collaboration into the digital classroom is key to bolstering student resilience during a pandemic—here’s how to do it.… read more

Get a scholarship and study in Montana

We are happy to inform you that two of our now-Junior students will again have the opportunity to spend… read more

Starting the second semester in Baraka; what we give and what we get

After Christmas we not only returned to our school desks and duties but some of us also returned to… read more

december, 2022

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