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Successful BratMUN

BratMUN (short for Bratislava Model United Nations) is an event in which 10 of our students participated this November.… read more

Open House

Bilingual High School C. S. Lewis invites you to an Open House 19.11.2019. We would like to bring the… read more

Our school fights for CEZAAR award

CEZAAR is a prestigious award for architecture, which has its 18th run this year. Our school’s reconstruction under the… read more

Kick-off of the new school year

On Monday 2. September, our school got filled with students again. As usual, we started the school year off… read more

Teambuilding for teachers – Smolenice

Before students arrive to school, teachers prepared themselves for the new school year. Our teachers are as important to… read more

Success at competition “Key of the fortress”

This year again we didn’t let the opportunity pass to be a part of the competion „Key of the… read more

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