On Monday 2. September, our school got filled with students again. As usual, we started the school year off together. This year is unique in many ways. Our school celebrates its 15th birthday. Peter Figeľ took over for the former headmaster Dušan Jaura and led the opening welcome. For the first time, our school is going to function in its full capacity with all classes filled from freshman-superseniors. Connected to that is the addition of many new teachers. Our school had also went through several remodels over the summer, which for example helped to get our school even more accessible also for people with disabilities.

Our students and teachers were asked to send pictures of themselves from 2004 to commemorate school´s 15th birthday. School was decorated with those pictures. One of the activities during the kick-off of the new school year was to write down ideas for what kind of school we want Bilgym to be, which continued the discussions we had stared in summer.

Our kick-off was accompanied by a very nice music performance done by our students.

Opening activities awaited new freshmen in the gym. A teambuilding was prepared for them as well during the first week to help them adjust to new school. Some of the freshmen left for the teambuilding already on Monday.


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