Coming back from Christmas break, life in the BARAKA community is back in full swing- everyday chores, school/work, and projects for school. We are also proud that our interns organized and cooked soup for homeless people in DePaul, and they already welcomed several people for their nights with guests.

We welcomed a group of social innovators from Romania, who talked to us about cynicism and hope (a series of huge anti-government protests has taken place in Romania recently, so this was a very hot topic for our guests). Another meeting was about balancing and synchronizing family and work life with our long-time friends from Bilgym and Narnia who we work with (and are friends with)- the Šiller family. And our last guest in January was Amélia McMurrin, a painter who helped organize a workshop for us in cooperation with Agathe. We were happy to be joined by our former colleagues Mike and Stephanie Edsall.

Thank you for your visit, for all the opportunities, and other forms of support!