We are happy to inform you that two of our now-Junior students will again have the opportunity to spend the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year at Montana State University, USA. You can submit your applications and cover letters until April 17, 2020.
(we are following the situation with coronavirus very closely and have discussions with our partners to see what our possibilities our in case the situation doesn’t get better in time)

Montana State University (MSUB) has been one of our partner schools since 2011. Eight students from our school already had the chance to study one semester at the university. We visited the school several times, we also had the pleasure of hosting visitors from MSUB, and our cooperation has been intensifying for the past few years.

The semester begins in August 2020 and ends in December 2020. List of programs offered by the university is here. After the students return from MSUB they will be required to take differential make up exams in the Slovak language and two elective subjects before they take the written part of the Maturita exams.

The list of approximate expenses:

school fee at MSU 10 000 MSUB
accommodation/meals 3500 MSUB
return flight ticket 1000 Student
pocket money* 1 100 Student
visa fee
160200 Student Student
administrative fees 100 Student


Those interested in the scholarship should submit an application, which will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

a) Typed cover letter (in an editable document, e.g. Word Doc), written in English (400-600 words), where they introduce themselves, their interests, and will respond to the following questions:

  • Why do I want to study at Montana State University in the USA?
  • How will I be able to use my experience from studying and living in the US in my later life and after returning to Bilgym?


b) Academic results, involvement in extracurricular activities

Warning! The deadline to submit the cover letter and application is April 17th, 2020.

You can do so either in person at the main office or via email at zuzana.misinova(at)bilgym.s

We believe that students will find this study abroad experience very enriching. If you are interested in applying and have any questions, contact Monika Lezova at monika.lezova(at)bilgym.sk or Alica Zuravova (alica.zuravova(at)bilgym.sk)

Application MSUB