This year marked the second time that we organized a “Well-Being Day” at our school. The event was all about healthy diets, good food, exercise, and many other related topics, including a first aid workshop, as well as a workshop where we made our own cosmetics.

foto: M. Bernátová

During the first part of the day we welcomed an expert on healthy diet, Dr Igor Bukovsky. His informative and fun talk taught us how to have a balanced relationship to diet, he talked about today’s information chaos, and myths and facts about healthy diets.

The next part of the day was divided into two sections that took the form of seminars on various topics. We did some yoga, we painted, gave CPR, talked about relationships, meditated, and we also tried to make friends with failure. There was a lot to choose from.

foto: M. Bernátová

We had a healthy lunch menu: spreads, baguettes, and salads.

foto: M. Bernátová

Thanks to everyone who led us through this interesting day, and we are already looking forward to the third annual Well-Being Day!

Zuzana Mišinová

Click the link below to watch the recording of Dr I. Bukovsky’s talk: