This week the Juniors spent their Community Service volunteering at the Manor House in Planinka. Although at first it was hard to picture the whole class working together, our stay was successful, and we managed to work as a team. We helped in the villages of Dobrá voda and Dechtice, the manor house itself, and we also engaged in teambuilding activities in our spare time. We had time to talk by the fire, sing, play sports and board games. It was nice to disconnect from the busy everyday life, stress, technology, and just relax. Apart from sore muscles and some bruises, we also made new memories from the nice time spent together.

The first day was quite hard. Immediately after arriving we went to work in the forest. Since we were exhausted after a while, it was interesting to observe how different our behavior was from the one we see in school.

The second day wasn’t much easier, but at least some of us had a good night sleep. Although the morning exercise did not wake us up entirely, we managed to get a lot of work done. We split into two groups, and went into the neighbouring villages- Dechtice and Dobrá Voda, where we were assigned specific tasks. Some of us swept the ground, painted fences, others had the chance to do some gardening. After we got back, we still managed to spend some time together.

The third day- Wednesday- was different because we did not go to the villages but stayed at Planinka. We spent the morning playing games that required us to both think and move a lot. We were quite tired after that. In the afternoon we had a chance to choose from a number of workshops. We played baseball, frisbee, we sang songs, did some knitting, or just relaxed. It was nice to spend some time together doing what we like.


On Thursday we returned to the villages again. However, this time we switched places, so that each group experienced work in a new setting. Again we helped the locals- in school, in the local health centre, at the fire station, etc. Despite the bad weather, we did our best, and also managed to enjoy ourselves.

The last day was very sad, because we had to come back to reality. However, we enjoyed the bus ride, we sang and had as much as we could, and I have to say we gave our best until the very end.

Táňa Mesíková 3.F

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