Towards the end of January, our seniors had the opportunity to participate in a day-long series of seminars modelled after management trainings. They focused on “personal effectiveness development” and were run by FBE lecturers and members of the Bilgym School Board, Daniel Laco and Daniel Bútora.  The aim of the seminar was to give students the opportunity for personal reflection, as well as to discuss which things are the most important in their lives and what they would like to achieve. Each person began by sharing where they saw themselves in 2 years, when they would no longer be at Bilgym, and ended the training by writing down several things they would like to achieve in the following weeks. As an added bonus we also had Skype conversations with our alumna Slávka Gazdíková (formerly Vaňová) who participated in a similar seminar in 2008. We asked whether she had achieved the goals that she had been dreaming of at the time, what turned out differently, and whether she was happy in life. Slávka graduate with a psychology degree, worked in consulting for several years, and was also the mental coach for the Slovak national junior ice hockey team. She Skyped us from Orava where she moved with her husband several years ago, and where a year ago she also took up on more position – she became a mother. It was nice to see her meet some of the students that she tutored/mentored as an Alumni volunteer a few years ago.

While our senior were pondering their personal vision and planning out their future steps, out juniors attended a ROADMAP WICK – an opportunity to take a moment to mark the midway point of their studies at Bilgym.  Thank you to all students for participating! We hope that the trainings will help them think about and plan their future.

Would you like to know more about this process?  In accordance with our mission,  the goal of our “College/Future Counselling” program is to help our students make informed decisions about their future.

On behalf of the College/Future Counselling team,

Dávid Laco