A very interesting project has started in Lozorno. An educational centre has been built here for children with socially disadvantaged background to receive after-school tuition free of charge. This sort of education project is also unique in the way that young high school students decided to dedicate their free time to these children.

The girls have a rather difficult day ahead of them. They finish school at 2:30 pm, have lunch, and then travel 40 minutes by bus to Lozorno. They don’t go home, however, they come to a local community centre where they provide tutoring lessons to children from a socially disadvantaged background. “Most of the time we help them finish their homework, and then we go through what they talked about in school that day- it’s mostly maths, Slovak language, and English.” says Sarah, volunteer.

The aim is to work with children from disadvantaged groups as early as possible, so they can do well in school, so they are better prepared, and thus have more opportunities in life.” explains Sona Korenova, co-operator of the project.

By now, ten students from the C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School have applied to work at Edubox in their free time as volunteers with no pay entitlement. There are about 30 to 40 children visiting Edubox , and the volunteers come to Lozorno once a week, and spend approximately three to four hours with the children.

Although these volunteers arrive back home at about 8 pm, they are not done for the day. “I will have to study for tomorrow’s test, and  I also need to bake a cake, because I make cakes for our school cafe. So if I have enough time, I will bake the cake. I do that as part of my community service too.” explains Sara.

Although they are very busy, they say it is worth it: “It is a great feeling to know that I can help the children with something, and play an important and helpful part in their lives.” says Sarah.