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Alumni College Fair

Last week our College&Counselling team organized an Alumni College Fair. The annual event provides an opportunity to meet our… read more

ZERO WASTE – “The best kind of waste is the one that is never made”

Petra Slezakova from the organization “Zero waste Slovakia” talked about how a three month worth of waste can fit… read more

Bilgym is a member of the Association for Character Education

Our school has become a member of the “Association for Character Education”  that brings together and provides support for schools… read more

Venček – Dance recital

Hours of dance classes, choreography and food preparations, room decorating, amazing teamwork of parents – an that was not… read more

Exkurzia Sereď, Krakow, Auschwitz

9. až 11. mája sme absolvovali dejepisnú exkurziu v Poľsku. Celý výlet bol zameraný na druhú svetovú vojnu a tému… read more

Graduation Ceremony Nr.10

Naši piataci úspešne zmaturovali a … vyleteli. Na Graduation Ceremony, našom “rituáli prechodu” sme spolu s ich triednymi pospomínali… read more

september, 2018

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