Our friends from the non-profit CATALYST foundation (New York) Emily Daughtry, senior program manager, and Ron Hertzman, renowned expert on Dante and a professor at State Univeristy of New York, spent two days with us in December, taking part in informal meetings with people who help us in our social inclusion program. They wanted to learn more about the EDUBOX project in Lozorno, we talked about our Global Studies lessons, about how our scholarship recipients were doing at our school, and last but not least, about the scholarships available for next school year. As part of our quest for diversity, we also made a short stop at the Phong Nam Vietnamese restaurant, to enjoy some delicious Pho Bo soup.

in Edubox with our inlusion project coordinatior Maria Kuliskova and Lubo Tvrdon, local MP


Peter Hadvab with children on Jelsova street in Lozorno

Meeting Lozorno’s mayor to talk about Edubox

Enjoying Pho Bo soup