This school year brought about a new project for Bilgym – Baraka. It is a program which unites elements of community lifestyle, personal and professional development and support of Bilgym and its wider surrounding.

This year, Baraka brought together two young teachers, five students and three alumni on a ‘gap year’.

In Hebrew and Arabic, Baraka means “blessing”, and the community is based on this. We want to be a blessing towards each other to offer our gifts and talents to the wider surrounding – firstly to Bilgym, which has formed most of us. This is the reason all of us have an internship within Bilgym, or other partner organisation, through which we learn to grow professionally and at the same time give the best of ourselves there, where it is needed. During the week before school and work, we meet every day for breakfast prepared by one of us. Twice a week, we have a dinner together (which we also make ourselves) and follow it with a discussion over a movie, a story or with various different guests. In Baraka, we try to share lives together, work together and grow together.

You can read here how we have launched baraka in the first months:

What we have experienced in the new year is here:

On Saturday, we went hiking and had a barbecue, but since then, our days are filled primarily with the final-exams stress. Our super seniors study daily in our study room, living room and often with their other classmates create small study groups. Join us in wishing them all the best next week!

After the exams, we will enclose the first year of this project. At the same time, we begin with a recruiting process for the next year. We are looking for new brave individuals, students, alumni, who want to take part in this nine-month adventure, together with us. For more information about the project, click here:

Dávid Laco