Last week our College&Counselling team organized an Alumni College Fair. The annual event provides an opportunity to meet our alumni who are further down the road of universities and other kind of life experiences than our current students. Talking to the alumni offers a new perspective on the future (but also the present), and inspires to think about one’s journey in life.

We are happy that also some of our teachers joined our alumni who had arrived from different parts of the world, studying a variety of interesting subjects. We hope that everyone found this event inspiring, and we would like to wish luck to our Seniors who are about to take their maturita exam in the Slovak Language. Thanks and good luck! ūüôā

PS: The next opportunity to meet our alumni will be at the Alumni Barbecue  that will take place on June 29th in the afternoon/early evening.

The “College&Career Counselling” program’s purpose is to assist our students in their decisions about their future in¬† line of our school’s mission.