Many of us think power goes hand in hand with politics and this evokes negative emotions. However, at some point all of us experience situations where we are in a better position than others – formal status, experience, intellect, or talent. Conscious and correct handling of power is therefore important not only for politicians, but also for parents, managers, doctors – for all of us. Why do we pay so little attention to it? Where and how can we gain such competence and develop it further?

With Sylvia Ondrisova, psychotherapist, lecturer and coach, Róbert Bezák, and Ondrej Székely, we had discussion about the following questions: What can unconscious use of power lead to? How do our values, motivation, and identity influence the way we use power? Why do we abuse it sometimes? Can avoiding the use of power be wrong? How can parents, educators, managers earn natural respect? Should we pay more attention to character education in schools? How can we successfully implement such a program in everyday life?

You can listen to the recording here: