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New Fitness Center BilGYM is now OPEN!

After five long months of construction works in the former storage room, we opened a new fitness center bilGYM… read more

Visiting Abu Dhabi with John Sexton’s Friends

There are several versions to the story of how the idea to establish New York University (NYU) in Abu… read more


LESS OR MORE? With our colleague Jakub Čevajka Jakub: “I am a member of the Roma minority living in… read more

WICK o novodobom otroctve

Spolu s ostatnými spolužiačkami zo semináru o nerovnostiach sme odprezentovali náš záverečný projekt o obchodovaní s ľuďmi. Touto témou… read more

Educational Centre providing free after school tuition. Students help students

www.noviny.sk A very interesting project has started in Lozorno. An educational centre has been built here for children with… read more

Less or more?

Less or more? The majority on minorities: Our teacher Swapna Deák talks about minorities.

Saturday, 21. April 2018

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